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The home salon and beauty industry is a large and incredibly varied one, providing a host of different ways that people can change their bodies to improve how they look. While hair salons are the most widespread and widely used, the industry also includes businesses dedicated to lashes, nails, waxing, cosmetics, and combinations of these. This range of activities is reflected in our list of top franchises.
Cutting hair at home has become a fringe activity, with almost everyone in the INDIA going to a hairdresser. As a result, hair and beauty is a huge industry,employing 721,000 people, nearly 78% of them as hairdressers, hairstylists
The COVID-19 pandemic had a staggering short-term impact on the hair and beauty industry, as public health restrictions forced shops to close. Even as they reopened, concerns about transmission reduced some customers’ willingness to go for beauty treatments. The market is expected toshrink to under $58 billion in 2020, after years of steady growth.
Online marketing, particularly through visually-oriented social networks like Instagram, is now a huge part of how salons attract customers. A strong, easily identifiable brand is invaluable in that sort of marketing and is therefore one of the big assets of a franchise. While much of the industry still consists of independent businesses, the power of known brands in online marketing is likely to lead to a growth in franchising over the coming years. Franchises will also see an opportunity for growth in places where existing businesses have shut down and customers are looking for a replacement.

WHY? Home Salon

Unlike a salon, the beauticians would not be in a hurry to cater to your needs. Personal attention is guaranteed and you will get a safe and hygienic experience. By opting for at-home salon services, you are not just being responsible but also ensuring the safety of yourself and your loved one

In house man power production with loyalty and accountability.

Strong operational

Quick and unlimited income
on returns.

Master Franchise Investment for HOME SALON

Investment 3 – 5 Lacs Plus GST


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