Top 10 Hacks For How To Do Blow Dry Hair From Curly To Straight

How to smash dry hair at home – A Perfect guide!

Who doesn’t like bouncy blowouts and tender curls achieved at a salon? You experience greater assured and geared up to take over the world. But do you recognize a way to blow dry hair at domestic to attain the ones best bouncy locks, herbal waves, and tender curls or silky immediately strands? Worry not! We have were given you covered. Whether your hair is curly and at risk of frizz, immediately and desires a few volume, or simply too lengthy to blow dry at domestic, right here you’ll discover the insider hair hacks to help you blow-dry hair at domestic like an expert hair stylist.

Material you need to smash dry your hair at home:

  • Hair dryer: Pick one with 1,800-watt and with more than one warmness settings.
  • Hairbrush: Medium to massive spherical brush.
  • Hair styling products: hair spray or smoothening cream.
  • Finishing products: Hair serum, cream or spray. Now which you have were given the wanted tools, it’s time to recognize the step by step manner of blow drying.

How to blow dry your hair at home – step-by-step process:

  • Wash your hair together along with your everyday shampoo. We suggest you operate an herbal and nourishing shampoo. Follow the manner via way of means of the use of a conditioner to fasten with inside the moisture.
  • Wet hair is greater liable to damage. Thus, allow it dry clearly to not less than 70% dry earlier than you operate a hair dryer.
  • Divide hair into small sections and use one segment at a time for blow-drying.
  • Keep your hair dryer as a minimum 15 cm far from your hair and pass it continuously to and fro till the segment is absolutely dry.
  • Make certain to dry every segment absolutely earlier than you pass directly to the opposite segment.
  • Once your hair is very well dry and you’ve were given your bouncy blowout, observe a completing product like gloss, cream, serum or spray for your hair. Don’t overdo it else it’ll wreck your effort.

How to smash dry different Kinds of hair?

Blow dry Tips for flat hair:

  • To shield your tresses from warmness damage, first off follow a warmness protectant in your hair. Let the hair dry to 70 to 80%.
  • Divide your hair into small sections.
  • Now take a spherical hairbrush and roll your hair, beginning from tip to root. § Use a hair dryer with a 1,800-watt motor and with a couple of warmness settings to blow dry your immediately hair.
  • Repeat the system to dry each segment and run your arms alongside the tresses to mixture the sections.
  • Finish the system through sprinkling a hair spray or hair serum.

Blow dry Tips for crimped hair:

  • Prep your curly locks with the aid of using nourishing them with herbal hair care merchandise like shampoo and a leave-in conditioner.
  • Towel dry your hair to soak up extra water.
  • Make your locks gentle and bright with the aid of using making use of hair serum.
  • Take some sections of your locks and begin blow drying them the use of a diffuser. Use a diffuser with 1200 watt to outline your curls and do it for 10-15 seconds.
  • Repeat the system till your locks dry completely.
  • Once your hair is 90% dry, transfer from the diffuser to an everyday blow dryer to dry the roots.
  • Finish the system with the aid of using the use of a hair serum. Apply it lightly in order that it does now no longer harm your gentle curls.

Blow dry Tips for small hair:

  • Prep your hair with the aid of using the use of hair merchandise like shampoo, conditioner and serum. We suggest you operate a warmness protectant spray to keep your hair in opposition to warmness damage

. § Comb your hair to distribute the warmth protectant during the hair.

  • Set your hair dryer to low or medium and maintain it not less than 15 cm far from hair to save you scalp irritation and hair damage.
  • Now, blow dry a small phase of your hair and repeat the manner for every phase.
  • Finish the manner with the aid of using making use of an herbal hairspray or hair serum.


Inhibitions   & prohibitions for blow drying:

We frequently make a few not unusual place errors at the same time as blow drying our hair. Here’s what to do and what to keep away from whilst you blow-dry your hair at home.


Blow dry hair whilst it’s far at the least 70% dry. Divide your hair into sections for an ideal bouncy blow-dry. Hold your hair dry horizontally and hairbrush vertically. Take a wide-toothed wood hairbrush to do away with detangles. Keep shifting your blow dryer continuously whilst styling. Always end of the appearance with hair care merchandise like hair serum or hair spray and bloodless air dry. Start from a low warmth putting from the roots and step by step boom the temperature as you attain the tips.



Don’t warmth fashion your moist hair as moist hair is greater at risk of breakage. Don’t fashion detangled and knotted hair. Don’t keep your hair dryer flat as it can now no longer come up with the preferred soar and herbal waves. Say ‘No’ to steel brushes as they’re at risk of warmth up and burn your hair. Do now no longer hold your hair dryer at an area for longer to save you burning your hair. Use a warmth protectant earlier than the usage of your blow dryer. Avoid styling your hair at excessive temperatures as it can dehydrate and scouse borrow hair moisture.

Pre blow dry hair recommendations

  • To get the gentle curls, roll your hair with a spherical brush earlier than the use of your blow dryer.
  • To maintain your hair straight, take a spherical brush and pull the hair from root to tip at the same time as blow-drying.
  • Angle down your dryer at the same time as the use of it because it will make the hair cuticle gentle and shiny.
  • For salon-like hair at home, circulate your blow dryer during the hair’s period alongside a hairbrush.

Post blow dry hair Advisements:

  • Give a chilly air dry in your hair to fasten with inside the shine.
  • Run your hands via the hair to combination the sections.
  • To make your tresses smoother and shinier, end the procedure with the aid of using making use of a hair spray or serum. It will even assist lock with inside the hairstyle.


  • Know your hair kind earlier than you blow dry hairstyles.
  • Rough dry your hair to 70-80�fore you operate a blow dryer.
  • Make certain to apply a warmness protectant spray to save you getting any warmness-brought about harm.
  • Finishing off with a hair spray and bloodless air because it enables lock within side the fashion for longer. Drying hair appears a smooth mission however in case you don’t do it right, it could motive everlasting harm on your herbal tresses. Moreover, following the identical technique for extraordinary hair sorts will now no longer provide you with a salon-like bouncy blowout. So, observe the recommendations and strategies noted on this weblog to blow dry your lustrous locks.


How much time does it take to blow dry hair?

It relies upon at the hair period and volume. As a trendy rule, an at-domestic blowout takes round 15-half-hour for lengthy or curly hair and 5-10 mins for brief hair.

What Should I  put in hair before blow-drying?

Use a hair defensive lotion, hair serum or warmth protectant earlier than blow drying your hair.

Can I smash dry hair?

Blow drying too dry or too moist hair can purpose burns, breakage and warmth damage. To keep away from dealing with such concerns, it’s miles satisfactory to blow dry damp hair, neither bone-dry nor dripping-moist hair

How do you blow dry your hair as a professional?

Follow the stairs stated on this manual to dry your hair like an expert hair expert. Use those guidelines to get the appropriate bouncy blowout at domestic! Still uncertain a way to blow dry your hair at domestic or a way to reap the ones herbal curls without travelling a salon? No worries! Connect with QUICK ONLINE SEREVICES to get any hair styling and splendor provider at domestic.

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